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Aus Dilaps


Australian Dilapidations emerged to facilitate a growing gap for commercial dilapidation services which was not being met by other providers. Specialising in property condition reports, we have worked with many reputable and loyal clientele on numerous commercial projects of varying complexities. What is our edge? Our team are not only qualified and experienced building contractors, they are also structural engineers which is highly advantageous when it comes to understanding the details required in commercial construction projects. Our clients span across our entire nation and we are valued for our efficiency, cost-effectiveness and professionalism. 

Our team values both the integrity and needs of our clientele so they work with you throughout the entire process. Your residential dilapidation report will be specifically tailored to your project and will clearly clarify any ambiguities or oddities should they arise. The length of our residential property condition reports are dependent upon the nature of the project. To decipher all the information needed, our team liaise closely with you both on-site and off, pre- construction, during and post-construction.

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